WASD to move, F to get in and out of cars
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The Race is On

21 January 2017

Now you have something to do other than run over innocent civilians!

Collect the green square to start a time-trial race. A little indicator appears directing you to the next checkpoint - I'm quite happy with how that behaves. My best time on the race is 39.06 but don't expect to beat that.


I've fixed collision detection for the player, whether in or out of vehicles. Vehicle collision was a pain in the rear end but finally got it to an acceptable standard (let me know if you find any bugs... the only one I've found so far is you can get stuck in the corner of a building).

I put the light thing on hold, it was a harder job than I thought to get the light from the headlights of the car to trace around objects in a realistic way (to prevent you being able to light things up behind a wall for instance). Still working on that.

Civilian collision detection isn't done yet, and also I need to improve their diversions when something gets in their way. Like you.

Graphically the whole thing needs an overhaul, I'm just using public domain images at the moment as placeholders. There's nothing wrong with these but they are not what I'm going for.